Poetry: Mosquito Humour!

Lucky Jim

I have a pet mosquito I call him Lucky Jim
He follows me everywhere even when I swim
Though I swatted him a hundred times, he lives to tell the tale
And every time he bites me, my skin resembles Braille!

While digging in the garden he’s zooming around my head
Jim even whistles lullabies when I go to bed.
His agility’s amazing as I chase him with the bat
Up and down and round and round; it’s surprising I’m so fat!

I have a pet mosquito he has one hundred lives
I like to call him Lucky Jim because he ducks and dives.
Jim’s such a friendly fellow, a vampire by my side
Although I’ve tried to swat him, with me he still resides

As I soon discovered he has many hungry friends
All with hearty appetites, uninvited they descend
To feast themselves ferociously on my tasty blood
Then leave me with a nasty itch and a scab that’s full of crud.

I’m not a vindictive person but they drive me to despair
So I bought a UV zapper and war I did declare!
Haha… the curious critters like its purple glow
Happy to meet their maker with a sizzle as they go

UV Mosquito light
UV Mosquito light

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Mosquito Photo credit: Image by Zoran Dakovic from Pixabay



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