Tennis anyone?

Mosquito Tennis

Have you ever been woken from a deep slumber by a high pitch zzzzzzz ? You lay motionless not daring to breathe; just praying you were mistaken and that it was not the dreaded mosquito. Minutes pass, nothing, so you roll over and go back to sleep  relieved you must have been dreaming. Not so. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   groan. You momentarily lay there cursing, but you know deep down that if you go back to sleep and ignore the little critter, you will be bitten – probably on your nose or eyelid so you’re guaranteed to look like Quasimodo the next day. You are now wide awake and in one swift movement leap out of bed to turn on all the lights. Mosquito Tennis has commenced! You grab the Zapper. For the uninitiated this is a battery operated tennis style bat, which at the touch of a button, will frizzle the mosquito when it comes into contact.

Revenge! bat in hand lights blazing you survey the room. Where is it? Ha ha on the ceiling – you climb onto the bed balancing perilously as you lunge at the mosquito. Missed – curses! Now you have a problem it has vanished. Scanning the room you spot it “mid flight” button depressed you adopt a serve like stance, the bat whooshes through the air. You inspect the bat for signs of frizzled mosquito. Nothing. Hubby now in charge of the zapper adopts “the pose” waiting to pounce. The mosquito’s agility and tactics never fails to amaze us. The bat whooshes through the air as hubby attempts to zap the mosquito mid air. Nothing. We scan the room again. Zzzzzzzzzzz I duck as it zips past my ear. I do believe it’s playing with us. Tempers beginning to fray we survey the room again looking for our opponent. Nothing. Where has it gone? New tactics. Back to bed clutching the bat and pretend to sleep. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz ZAP frizzle.


Game, set and match.

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