Did You Hear Me Scream – SNAKE!!!!?

I am usually not too squeamish when it comes to insects, but snakes... ewww... Natrix_natrix_(Marek_Szczepanek).jpg Last week, I was walking in the garden at the side of the house when a snake, about 1.5m long, slithered onto the path in front of me. I froze in terror as it reared up and then zig-zagged towards... Continue Reading →

Tennis anyone?

Mosquito Tennis Have you ever been woken from a deep slumber by a high pitch zzzzzzz ? You lay motionless not daring to breathe; just praying you were mistaken and that it was not the dreaded mosquito. Minutes pass, nothing, so you roll over and go back to sleep  relieved you must have been dreaming. Not... Continue Reading →

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