What is this?

Folks I really need your help to identify this bug which I almost stood on today! I say almost, because when I spotted it just below my foot as I was about to go up some steps I nearly jumped 20' in the air in terror. Now as you can imagine from my name, I'm... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

This weeks WordPress "Weekly Photo Challenge" is Tiny  I was removing the weeds around my Jade plant when I came nose to eyeball with this tiny yellow spider. No I did not scream; I'm not that much of a wimp, but I did go and grab my camera. Look at it's eyes - awww it's... Continue Reading →

Tennis anyone?

Mosquito Tennis Have you ever been woken from a deep slumber by a high pitch zzzzzzz ? You lay motionless not daring to breathe; just praying you were mistaken and that it was not the dreaded mosquito. Minutes pass, nothing, so you roll over and go back to sleep  relieved you must have been dreaming. Not... Continue Reading →

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