“Ugly Bug Ball” Insects in my garden

This is a pictorial guide to just some of the unusual insects, bugs and critters which inhabit my garden. I have not, as yet identified  “what” they are or whether they are friend or foe – so if you can help – that would be great!

We live in harmony, each of us avoiding the other; but when our paths do cross unexpectedly – you could probably hear Piglet’s screams on Mars!!

Last weekend was extremely hot and with temperatures well over 35C in the shade and the “Ugly bug ball” was in full swing. These are just a selection of bugs who hung around for a photo shoot!

If you are squeamish please look away now.

Cute little brown bug
What's my name?

I discovered this cute little brown bug when cutting back the courgette leaves. A very close encounter. I rushed off to find the camera.
“Say cheese – smile nicely!” Thank goodness for a zoom lense as I quickly discovered it jumps!

Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider lurking in the compost bag

I became to closely aquainted with this spider when I was rummaging in the compost bag. He was well camoflaged so was not spotted immediately. Thank God I was wearing gloves!! My scream even stopped the tourists in their tracks and there was a moment of complete silence!

He looks mean!

On the way back from my spider adventure and terrorising the tourists I spotted Lenny the Lizzard in the hedge  peering down at the ground. I was just wondering what he was doing when I spotted “matey boy” who I was about to tread on. Needless to say I made a hasty retreat to grab the camera.

Green bug
He was huge!

This bug was HUGE! Unfortunately, the photo does not even begin to give you an indication of size. I have not seen one of these before – perhaps, well I hope, he was just dropping by and has no plans to stay!

Please dont forget to pop in again and see my partners for the next dance…


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  1. Hi All
    Just been outside doing chemicals (in my pool) when a 4ft snake appeared behind a plant pot. Couldnt get my caners as was too busy containing it in the nearest bucket. Teasing it with a brush resulted in numerous aggresive strikes from it, Brown in colour with black stripes the full length of its body. Now dispatced to the orchard. Any ideas what it was?


  2. Wonderful Pictures! We think from top to bottom: Graphosoma Italicum sometimes known as the Shield Bug. Female Stag Beetle (note the lack of antlers, the males have antlers which they use to fight with). Locust, another Locust. Some kind of Bush or House Cricket. Wolf Spider – totally harmless. Italian Cricket and finally, Bush Cricket.


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