A NOT so Welcome Easter Bunny

Deep in thought with my latest gardening challenges, thrips and leaf miners, I walked towards the garage to check the various potions I had in stock. As I passed the cars I sensed movement in the front garden bed. I froze; we suspect a rat has recently taken up residence in our garden as a refugee following the land clearance on the adjoining scrubland. Plus I am also nervous after a scary experience with a snake a few years ago. You probably heard my screams on the other side of the Pond.

Luckily for me, I am long-sighted so zoomed in on the furry critter. Phew! Its ears were too large for a rat. I stopped mid-thought and cursed… damn, it was a rabbit. I grabbed my phone. I needed a picture as hard evidence. One cannot be too careful after a few glasses of Easter champagne. No rabbit sightings for years and then one turns up on Easter Sunday. Nice one Piglet.

Snails, slugs, thrips and leaf miners pale into insignificance compared to a rabbit! Damn! was it on a mission to find a new home? A rabbit, however sweet, would clear my lettuce pots and other succulent offerings in one night.

I called the Gnome who went off to get the swimming pool net. Needless to say by the time he returned the rabbit had scarpered.

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