Poetry: The Human Lottery

Human Lottery





Destroy their ticket

The Youth invincible

Until their number is called

Millennium children complain

While prophets of doom and gloom proclaim:

There are plenty of toilet rolls in Hell!


This is one of the poems I wrote for National Poetry Writing Month on writingforums.com where we were challenged to write 30 poems in 30 days during April. It is an Etheree. Ten lines, starting with one syllable, increasing to ten.

The Human Lottery was inspired by people panic buying toilet rolls in the early weeks of the Corona virus outbreak in the UK (COVID-19). Considering the life-threatening situation and people were dropping like flies, and still are,  I never understood the logic behind stockpiling toilet rolls.

To begin with many thought because they were young the virus would not affect them and complained about lockdown as they wanted to get on with their lives.

Who else particpated in NaPoWriMo?

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