Poetry: Spirits Have No Boundaries

Like a million stars
sunrays dance to me
across the soulless sea

They dazzle me
as light and motion
pirouette in unison.
Tempting me
towards the horizon.

A path beckons,
teasing me

——enticing me
to walk my dreams—–into the light

I raise my glass to toast the golden orb
I know it understands
my indecision
my cowardice

as rays converge for their final bow
God paints the sky
with magical graffiti.
Vibrant colours explode
then merge with lilac dye

00000000000I pause

and as the sun sets
reborn in a new land
to a new horizon and another day
my spirit finds peace.

Spirits have no boundaries
Spirits have no boundaries

This poem is dedicated to following your dreams. The only boundary is your imagination.

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