NaPoWriMo Day #1: 30 in 30

Today is day one of NaPoWriMo so I will start the month with a fun poem. (Please don’t worry, I wont be posting a poem to my blog EVERY day for a month. I will share them on our NaPoWriMo forum).

Thirty in Thirty!

De clock is a-ticking and NaPo’s begun
so engage dem braincells, and let’s have some fun!

‘Thirty in thirty’s a piece of cake,’
says Piglet, whose courage is beginning to shake
in shoes dat already are beating de time
and checking de meter and words that don’t rhyme.

So dis poem’s for NaPos everywhere.
Thirty in thirty, oh what a fun dare!

My last post referenced #NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing  Month). How many other poets are taking part?


Please share your thoughts!

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