My Garden in Bloom – January 2019

Looking back through some of my garden photographs for January, I am amazed just how many plants were in bloom. With this in mind, I thought it would make a good point of reference to keep a month-by-month pictorial journal.Hibiscus Flowering in January Cacti and Succulents and  in Flower - January ****   January Perennials  BromeliadBougainvillea, Lavender and Rosemary  Orchids The Bird... Continue Reading →

Problems With My Geraniums -Stem Rot

When I bought my geraniums at the beginning of March they were healthy and produced lots of repeat flowers. I religiously dead-headed the plants on a regular basis and fed with MiracleGro to encourage growth. and by April the flower stalks had started to rot. I sprayed with a fungal spray but it did not... Continue Reading →

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