Gazanias – Unusual Daisies With Exquisite Detail

I love the way the droplets of water linger on the petals and leaves like tiny bubbles. These are small details we often fail to notice yet when captured in a photograph remind us of the simplicity of nature.


Other details include the unusual combinations of colours.

Gazania (pink and cream striped petals)
Gazania (pink and cream striped petals) Photo taken in Spring

And bees gathering pollen.

Gazania with yellow and orange flowers
Gazania with yellow and orange flowers (photo taken in Spring)

While I find Gazanais relatively easy to grow, I disagree with the experts comment that they are drought resistant. If I don’t water my plants regularly they resemble a bed of birds nests.

Are Gazanias drought resistant?


Gazanias are not drought resistant. (July 2016)
Gazanias are not drought resistant. (July 2016)

Useful websites for care of Gazanias
About Home
Gardening Knowhow

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is ‘Details’


6 thoughts on “Gazanias – Unusual Daisies With Exquisite Detail

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  1. Gazanias are hugely popular in Australia, often in common parkland areas and large gardens of busy gardeners, oft because they supposedly do not need much watering! Usually the common bright orange kind which seems to grow at a very fast rate! No personal experience but I wonder if you ‘harden’ them up at the time of their planting and do not get them used to a ‘soft life’ of regular water whether they make more of an effort to ‘stay alive’ 🙂 ?


  2. I am new here and planted a mixture of colours either side of a path in sandy soil. Now that the hot weather has arrived, some have died, despite being watered every day, along with the Marguerites. I will fill the gaps with lavender next year.


    1. Jane, I’m glad it’s not just me. 🙂 What annoys me is the experts say the gazanias are drought resistant and picture amazing healthy plants on their websites . My last two photos, of gazinas were taken this morning. I will be digging them up and transfering some to pots.

      I love the pink and cream striped flowers. They are so unusual.


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