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Gazanias – Unusual Daisies With Exquisite Detail

I love the way the droplets of water linger on the petals and leaves like tiny bubbles. These are small details we often fail to notice yet when captured in a photograph remind us of the simplicity of nature.



Other details include the unusual combinations of colours.

Gazania (pink and cream striped petals)

Gazania (pink and cream striped petals) Photo taken in Spring

And bees gathering pollen.

Gazania with yellow and orange flowers

Gazania with yellow and orange flowers (photo taken in Spring)

While I find Gazanais relatively easy to grow, I disagree with the experts comment that they are drought resistant. If I don’t water my plants regularly they resemble a bed of birds nests.

Are Gazanias drought resistant?


Gazanias are not drought resistant. (July 2016)

Gazanias are not drought resistant. (July 2016)

Useful websites for care of Gazanias
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Gazanias in January

One of my passions is gardening and the Gazanias reward me with an ongoing display of unusual daisy-like flowers twelve months of the year.

GazaniaGazania in January

Gazania in January

These photos were taken today after weeks of showers, gales and heavy rain. I was amazed any had actually survived such an onslaught, so with a break in the weather I was pleased I was able to take some photos to share.

Gazania are one of my favourite perennial flowers. They provide a wonderful array of year round colour from cream through to yellows, oranges pinks and dark reds. I have tried to paint these flowers but my artists skills can’t quite capture their beauty and “do them justice”


in January

Some gardening websites say they only bloom from late spring to early summer – these pictures prove them wrong. They grow well in sandy soil, prefer full sun but will grow in partial shade and only require watering once a week in the summer.


Gazania Daisy - yellow

Gazania self-seed so the six plants I originally planted have now multiplied into to hundreds over several years. It is a good idea to dead head regularly as the flowers fade and turn to seed heads as the seeds disperse and grow anywhere and everywhere!

A little note: the original spelling as given by my local garden centre was incorrect. Thanks to hortophile in Canada I have now amended from Gazinas to Gazanias.

What are your favourite flowers?