Monster Tomatoes!

I don’t know the name or variety of these tomatoes but they sure are HUGE!!!Β  (I’ve since been informed they are ‘Rosa’ tomatoes). This year I bought several baby tomato plants from Silves monthly market which is held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

This is an excellent market for vegetable plants, fruit bushes and trees.

Giant Tomatoes
Giant Tomatoes

In my best pidgeon Portuguese I asked the plant seller for ‘Muito grande, tomates’. The lady nodded with a grunt and a smile then presented me with six plants. My purchase based purely on trust and a leap of faith were planted in my recently manured vegetable area. Yes, I splashed the cash and with the encouragement of a dear friend went to the local stables to buy some horse manure.

Monster Tomato!
Monster Tomato!

The first tomato of the crop weighed in at 1 lb 8oz

Although the tomatoes were a little misshapen and would win no EU awards for the ‘perfect tomato’ they tasted absolutely delicious.


The tomato weighed 1lb 8 oz!

The taste and texture of the flesh reminded me of beefsteak tomatoes we used to buy in the UK. There were hardly any pips and they were far less watery than normal tomatoes.

I will certainly be saving the seeds for next year’s crop!

These tomato plants the mother of the monster tomatoes!
These tomato plants are the mothers of the monster tomatoes!













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  1. Oh! My tomato craving husband will want to return to Portugal for more than the friendly people, history, and beauty now. These are ripe in July then? Maybe next year…..Portugal here we come!

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  2. These DO look fabulous! Am glad you cut one into half as many of the large ones can be watery and full of seeds – this is all ‘meat’! And what does shape matter? Following TdF at the moment a few days back I was presented with a photo of a row of Limousin cows in Normandy making short work of eating bushels and bushels of carrots not acceptable to European supermarkets because they did not look ‘pretty’ enough! With all the hunger and poverty in the world I found that quite disgusting – we all do not look alike, do we !!!!! ?


    1. Please don’t get me started on pretty fruit and veg, eh. It’s a pet rant of mine πŸ™‚

      I am pleased to say that some of my photographs of misshapen fruit and veg have been published in magazines to accompany articles about this very topic.

      Still, at least the cows will recycle the carrots into milk and meat… every cloud has a silver lining. LOL.


  3. The variety is Rosa, Piglet.
    My other half, who you know well, bought 2 Rosa plants at Lagos market and they have grown like triffids – massive plants and massive tomatoes although only about 8 of them.
    We’ve yet to try them as they are only just ripening.


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