It’s January – so what’s blooming in Piglet’s garden?

On the 15th of each month bloggers from all over the world take part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day organised by May Dream Gardens. What is blooming in your garden?

Arum Lily

Arum Lily

In the UK gardening in January like the weather, was depressing.. However, here in the Algarve I’m amazed there are so many plants, shrubs and succulents in bloom.

One of my favourite flowers is the Arum Lily. The leaves die down in summer when the sun is intense but in the winter we are rewarded with the most wonderful flowers!

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This post was originally reblogged from Piglet’s Plot in Portugal but due to a technical hitch I had to delete the post and start again. Does anyone else have problems reblogging or is it just me?


11 responses to “It’s January – so what’s blooming in Piglet’s garden?

  1. What a beautiful and pure flower. 🙂


  2. When In The City!!

    What a beautiful Lily!


  3. Unfortunately, my hibiscus has shriveled under the cold weather, but I still have some other green plants waiting for Spring!


  4. You make me SOOO jealous!! 😉

    One day, when I’m big I’ll also have a place down there…


  5. Right now, there is snow on the ground and nothing blooms.. I love that lily from your garden. 🙂


  6. Did you know the Arum is an indigenous South African plant? As is the Agapantha, which I have seen on several occasions growing on municipal verges over there.
    The last time over there we brought back some hybrid black Arums lilies. Beautiful too.


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