Garden Diary: Flowers in May

Fortunately, we’ve had more rain this week. Not much but just enough to keep us on edge when we planned a BBQ or to invite friends round for a coffee on the terrace.

A New Member of the Family – Solanum Rantonnetti

We can always find room for one more plant, yes? Last week I went to the garden centre to buy some compost and returned witha bag of compost and a plant. On the way there Gnome read me the riot act about not buying any more plants. This was actually his choice and decision … so who was I to say, no?


I have a love-hate relationship with Gazanias.

Every summer the plant dries out into an ugly ball of dead leaves that resemble a bird’s nest. Every summer I vow to pull them up and feed them to the compost heap, but of course, I don’t.

Hibiscous Growing in a Pot

This is probably my favourite plant. The colour is stunning and the flowers are the size of saucers.


A few of years ago I took some cuttings from a friend’s garden. They all grew and I am now rewarded with these glorious plants. I love the flowers. I love taking cuttings and getting plants for free.

Flowering Succulents

Abracadabra Rose

I am not a fan of roses because if they don’t have black spot they are infested with greenfly. I made an exception with the Abracadabra rose and every year I am rewarded with beautiful roses. It grows quite happily in a stone pot in full sun.

Potted Colour


We planted these bushes before our first grandchild was born ten years ago. They refuse to grow any larger and some didn’t grow at all. I was hoping they would form a hedge to screen the drive from the garden. Nope… and if they didn’t provide delicate papery flowers every May/June they would have met their maker in the sky years ago.

That’s it for this week. Short and colourful.

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