Wildflowers: Cistus Ladanifer – Gum Cistus

The Cistus Ladanifer can be seen across Portugal during May and June. It is a sticky shrub (as I discovered when I wandered off the track to take close-ups). The sticky resin covering the stem and leaves contains healing properties and it is also used in the cosmetic industry to fix the scent in perfumes.

The Cistus Ladanifer quickly regenerates after wildfires and can grow up to 2.5m high.

Cistus ladanifer

Map Citation

F.Clamote, A.Carapeto, P.V.Araújo, M.Porto, D.T.Holyoak, A.J.Pereira, J.D.Almeida, C.Aguiar, et al. (2021). Cistus ladanifer L. – mapa de distribuição. Flora-On: Flora de Portugal Interactiva, Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica. http://www.flora-on.pt/#wCistus+ladanifer. Consulta realizada em 18/05/2021

Ref: https://flora-on.pt/?q=Cistus+ladanifer

rer: 200 plantas do SW Alentajano and Costa Vicintina

Do you enjoy taking photographs of wildflowers, bugs, birds, snakes and other curiosities found in the wild?

Every week I will be sharing a photograph of wild flora or fauna in my local area. Which wildflowers grow near where you live?


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