#PetPeeve: Do You Have Feet Like Pig’s Trotters?

One of my personal pet peeves are my square stumpy feet. They resemble pig’s trotters and make me feel like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters. It’s official: I hate shopping for boots. Why?

Most standard shoe retailers, such as Guimaraes, only seem to focus on women with Cinderella feet, so if you  are blessed with Ugly Sisters’ trotters like me, forget it. Cinderella’s will have at least 50 or even 100 styles of dainty footwear to tempt them, while the trotter market is ignored. Surely there must be other women with extra-wide feet so where do they shop for their shoes in Portugal?

Winter boots
Winter boots

Last winter, I was desperate for a pair of boots and after a fruitless hour spent trying to ram my feet into dainty glass slippers in this this huge shoe supermarket, I felt extremely frustrated. It was the same story when my daughter took me boot shopping in France. Shoe supermarkets just don’t cater for the ‘trotter’ market.

Narrow boots for dainty feet
Narrow boots for dainty feet


Dainty boots for dainty feet
Dainty boots for dainty feet

In desperation I finally decided to order online from Hotters. I carefully followed their size guide and ordered a pair of extra wide boots which much to my relief they actually fitted me. Result!

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5 thoughts on “#PetPeeve: Do You Have Feet Like Pig’s Trotters?

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  1. I love this! You have such a good and funny style of writing, even with humor in your pet peeve — it made me smile even as I was empathetic to what your experience was. Thank you.
    And glad you found a shoe that really works for your feet. ~Be well, Debbie


  2. My wife’s late Uncle Carlos manufactured shoes. He gave me a pair of light brown leather shoes when we visited Portugal for the European Championships.
    They were probably the best pair of shoes I owned.

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    1. I’d bought some Hotter sandals back in the UK so I had a rough idea of their size. ALso their online size guide was good. (and as the boots were leather I hoped they would stretch) but luckily they were a perfect fit!


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