#PetPeeve: Do You Have Feet Like Pig’s Trotters?

One of my personal pet peeves are my square stumpy feet. They resemble pig's trotters and make me feel like one of Cinderella's ugly sisters. It's official: I hate shopping for boots. Why? Most standard shoe retailers, such as Guimaraes, only seem to focus on women with Cinderella feet, so if you  are blessed with... Continue Reading →

Paraiso Artesano – Pottery Shop, Vila do Bispo, Algarve

When you drive from Lagos along the N125 towards Sagres after about 20 kms you will discover the most amazing and probably one of the best selections of pottery on the Algarve. It is the second pottery shop on the left-hand side just before Vila Do Bispo. You can't miss it It's easily recognizable as the... Continue Reading →

Health warning – if you’re squeamish look away now!

Waiting to be served at our local butchers for "home-made" beef, and hopefully horse-free, burgers gave us the opportunity to study the array of "unmentionable" delicacies on sale. The dubious identity of which even made Mr. Piglet's toes curl in horror. However, our debate is quickly forgotten when I whip out my camera and start... Continue Reading →

Raisins – I “wonder” why they have pips?

Post inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge This week's theme is "Wonder" Our very basic knowledge of Portuguese often means simple tasks turn into a challenge; today’s experience is a typical example. Although I continue to study Portuguese I am struggling – the more I try, the more stressed I become! After my recent... Continue Reading →

The Grocery Shopping “Experience” in Portugal

Living in a country where English is not the first language certainly takes you out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to food shopping. Imagine walking into a supermarket and suddenly there are none of your favourite foods and familiar brands; throw the added complication of language into the mix and you may... Continue Reading →

Cost of Living – Grocery Prices

Shopping!! I absolutely hate supermarket shopping with a passion! Living quite a way from the big supermarkets, as we do, I organize meal plans and my store cupboard with military precision. However, we usually end up visiting at least 3 supermarkets to make sure we procure everything on the “list”. The shopping expedition usually involves... Continue Reading →

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