Cost of Living – Grocery Prices


Supermarket Savings
Supermarket Savings

I absolutely hate supermarket shopping with a passion!

Living quite a way from the big supermarkets, as we do, I organize meal plans and my store cupboard with military precision. However, we usually end up visiting at least 3 supermarkets to make sure we procure everything on the “list”. The shopping expedition usually involves a round trip of about 4 hrs by which time I have lost the will to live!

Here are some typical costs (September 2010) so you can make your own comparisons. I have included prices on branded and non branded products to give you some idea of the potential savings if you are working to a budget. You can make further savings if you use loyalty cards

Meat and Poultry
Turkey Steaks €7.69 kg
Chicken (whole) €1.99 kg
Minced Beef €6.98 kg

Eggs XL x12 €0.99
Fresh Milk 1Ltr €0.74
Cathedral Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g €3.99
Goats cheese (Continente) 180gr €1.99
Butter (Continente) 250g €0.85

Fruit and Vegetables
Lettuce €1.49 kg
Tomatoes €1.49
Lemons €1.49 kg
Oranges €0.99 kg
Pears €1.49kg
Potatoes €0.99kg
Onions €0.79kg

Brown Sugar €0.94
Flour Continente €0.59
Breakfast Cereal (Silueta) 375g €2.11
Cornflakes (Kellogs) 500g €2.69
Cornflakes (Continente) €2.69
Bread – Bimbo Sliced loaf 820g 1.94
Bread – Continente Sliced Loaf 600g €0.79

Cleaning products

Cif power clean (bathroom cleaner) (750 ml)
Vanish Oxy Action stain remover (500gr) €6.46
(Continente) Oxy Action (500kg) €3.79
Ariel washing liquid (40 washes) 4.4L €8.95
Persil washing liquid (58 washes) 4.35L €10.63
(Continete) washing liquid (40 washes) 3L €6.19

Colgate toothpaste 75ml €2.69
Continete toothpaste €0.94
Palmolive soap (pack of 4) €2.76
Garnier Fructus cream shampoo 750ml €8.89
Garnier Abre Solaire clear protect (factor 30) 200ml €13.99
Garnier Abre Solaire clear protect (factor 10) 200ml €12.99
Toilet rolls (Continente) 24rolls €6.96
Toilet rolls (Scotlex) 24 rolls €10.49

Soft Drinks
Coca Cola 2L €1.40
Coke (Continete) 1.5L €0.79
Fruit Juice (Continente) 1L 0.66
Fruit juice (Compal ) 1L €1.19

Beers – Superbock 10 x 33cl €5.26
Wine – from €0.75

I also have lots of prices on a range of pet foods if anyone is interested?

The prices in Portugal seem to have risen considerably. How does the above list compare to prices in your home country? I would be really interested in some feedback…Is Portugal cheaper or more expensive?


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  1. This is an old post so nothing is the same! LOL
    E.G. Our petrol has just hit R11 per litre.
    & 2ltrs of milk are around R19.
    I can’t remember what the exchange rate is. Hardly watch the news these days.
    Conversations with my brother in law would suggest Portugal is quite expensive these days, certainly on a par with South Africa. Property prices seem similar.


    1. Hi Arkenaten,

      Yes, this is a little out of date now. Food has shot up in price so has diesal and petrol. It’s going crazy. I believe our electricity has gone up by over 30%. Crazy I am just compiling some new info at the moment. My wine is still under a euro though. Cheaper than water.


  2. I know this is a late reply but just to answer your question. I was in Portugal this summer and indeed the prices were cheaper. What happened? o.O . Comparing to my country – Romania (yy. I know) they are slightly more expensive. But our smart leaders are doing their best to level up the prices and get everything even more expensive *whew* and I was panicking we were left behind.


    1. Hi Bianca,
      Unfortunately, we have noticed a steady increase in prices. Problem is incomes are not rising at the same pace! Still price increases appear pretty standard right the way across Europe and we will just have to be more ingeneous in finding bargains!
      Ps says a lot when you can buy a glass of wine cheaper than a cup of coffee!


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