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Cost of Living – Grocery Prices


Supermarket Savings

Supermarket Savings

I absolutely hate supermarket shopping with a passion!

Living quite a way from the big supermarkets, as we do, I organize meal plans and my store cupboard with military precision. However, we usually end up visiting at least 3 supermarkets to make sure we procure everything on the “list”. The shopping expedition usually involves a round trip of about 4 hrs by which time I have lost the will to live!

Here are some typical costs (September 2010) so you can make your own comparisons. I have included prices on branded and non branded products to give you some idea of the potential savings if you are working to a budget. You can make further savings if you use loyalty cards

Meat and Poultry
Turkey Steaks €7.69 kg
Chicken (whole) €1.99 kg
Minced Beef €6.98 kg

Eggs XL x12 €0.99
Fresh Milk 1Ltr €0.74
Cathedral Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g €3.99
Goats cheese (Continente) 180gr €1.99
Butter (Continente) 250g €0.85

Fruit and Vegetables
Lettuce €1.49 kg
Tomatoes €1.49
Lemons €1.49 kg
Oranges €0.99 kg
Pears €1.49kg
Potatoes €0.99kg
Onions €0.79kg

Brown Sugar €0.94
Flour Continente €0.59
Breakfast Cereal (Silueta) 375g €2.11
Cornflakes (Kellogs) 500g €2.69
Cornflakes (Continente) €2.69
Bread – Bimbo Sliced loaf 820g 1.94
Bread – Continente Sliced Loaf 600g €0.79

Cleaning products

Cif power clean (bathroom cleaner) (750 ml)
Vanish Oxy Action stain remover (500gr) €6.46
(Continente) Oxy Action (500kg) €3.79
Ariel washing liquid (40 washes) 4.4L €8.95
Persil washing liquid (58 washes) 4.35L €10.63
(Continete) washing liquid (40 washes) 3L €6.19

Colgate toothpaste 75ml €2.69
Continete toothpaste €0.94
Palmolive soap (pack of 4) €2.76
Garnier Fructus cream shampoo 750ml €8.89
Garnier Abre Solaire clear protect (factor 30) 200ml €13.99
Garnier Abre Solaire clear protect (factor 10) 200ml €12.99
Toilet rolls (Continente) 24rolls €6.96
Toilet rolls (Scotlex) 24 rolls €10.49

Soft Drinks
Coca Cola 2L €1.40
Coke (Continete) 1.5L €0.79
Fruit Juice (Continente) 1L 0.66
Fruit juice (Compal ) 1L €1.19

Beers – Superbock 10 x 33cl €5.26
Wine – from €0.75

I also have lots of prices on a range of pet foods if anyone is interested?

The prices in Portugal seem to have risen considerably. How does the above list compare to prices in your home country? I would be really interested in some feedback…Is Portugal cheaper or more expensive?