Street Art Depicting Fadista, Amália Rodrigues, Brejão (Alentejo)

While driving through the sleepy village of Brejão in the Alentejo, we happened upon the most amazing street art painted on the side elevation of several houses. Curious to discover more I took several photographs and sent them to my Portuguese blogging buddy, Sami, in Oz.

Sami quickly identified the lady in the series of paintings as Amália Rodrigues known as Portugal’s greatest Fado singer.

The four pictures are in homage to the fado diva and represent different phases of her life. The final painting is Amália Rodrigues at the end of her career, singing while looking out to sea.

Why Brejão?

Brejão, is where Amália Rodrigues had her vacation home so she had a strong identity with the local area.

Street art in Brejão, Alentejo – Amália Rodrigues


Amália Rodrigues in her 20s
Street art in Brejão, Alentejo – Amália Rodrigues


Street art in Brejão, Alentejo – Amália Rodrigues


Street art in Brejão, Alentejo – Amália Rodrigues

The paintings, by street artist, SMILE, required ‘over 100 liters of plastic paint and up to 200 spray cans’ to complete. EAch painting is eight meters high and 15 meters long.

The challenge was launched by the Odemira Municipal Council, which, in partnership with the Cultural Association of Economic and Social Development of Brejão and the Amália Rodrigues Foundation, develops each year the program “Odemira, Recalls Amália” with a set of initiatives.

These paintings are and amazing tribute and well worth an visit.



This is my submission for Sami’s Monday Mural Challenge

(It’s now Monday where Sami lives)


24 thoughts on “Street Art Depicting Fadista, Amália Rodrigues, Brejão (Alentejo)

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  1. Portugal has the best murals, and some of the best graffiti artists in the world.
    My uncle was a friend of Amália Rodrigues and I remember briefly meeting her at a party on a boat on the Tejo River in 1988. It was quite something 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was hoping to get out and about around the back streets of various little towns and villages, to take more photos of the amazing street art but sadly I can’t walk far now.

      I can imagine meeting Amália was an honour. I’d love to meet with Mariza. She also has personality as well as passion …


  2. they are so beautiful, and not vandalized! I just found a location of an interesting mural in Brussels and wanted to check it tomorrow, but in the meantime they vandalized half of it, so I guess I am not going there tomorrow. 😦


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