Growing Strawberries in January

Growing strawberries in the Algarve -  Jan 2018
Growing strawberries in the Algarve – Jan 2018

In the Western Algarve growing strawberries in January is relatively easy. Dare I say we do not have ground frost and temperatures can reach a high of 18c during the day and from between 2C to 12C at night.

Growing strawberries in containers Jan 2018
Growing strawberries in containers Jan 2018

I have found the best method of growing strawberries during the winter months is in containers which I move to a sunny location. I then cover with a a plastic cloche to not only retain the heat but also deter greedy blackbirds.

strawberries undercover -Jan 2018
strawberries undercover -Jan 2018

As an experiment I also moved some strawberry plants to my raised vegetable bed and have a selection of plants which are not covered – the plants are okay but they are not as advanced as the plants pictured below which are covered.

Strawberries in raised bed - Jan 2018
Strawberries in raised bed – Jan 2018

Soil for both container and raised bed is a mix of manure, home and commercial compost. I also feed with fruit feed once the plants start to flower.

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5 thoughts on “Growing Strawberries in January

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  1. Fantastic – although you must be struggling at the moment as we have not had many 18c days over the past week or so! What is it with these cold and strong winds!!


  2. Mine get to be eaten by birds, snails, slugs or whatever else pops around. I need to see if I can find something to cover them and maybe save some for us. Thanks Carole.


  3. Love growing strawberries and am truly grateful for the tip! We seem to experience very similar temps: just where I am can on occasion go down to -1 or -2C at daybreak, but since those mornings are always forecast and I love growing my strawberries in pots methinks it’s time to see whether someone still has winter hardy plants for sale . . . . hope you are well . . .


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