Strawberry Quest

 August Strawberries in Portugal

August Strawberries in Portugal

I’ve been meaning to set myself this challenge for some time so after reading the theme for this week’s photo challenge is  ‘Quest’.

and according to Merriam

Simple Definition of quest
: a journey made in search of something
: a long and difficult effort to find or do something

I think a ‘quest’ to pick strawberries for nine months out of twelve for the next year is ‘long and difficult. So this will be my quest.

Growing Strawberries containers


11 responses to “Strawberry Quest

  1. It seems quite a challenge. The other challenge for a gardener is to keep beautifully clean nails with nail varnish. How on earth do you manage it? When I go out, I scrub up reasonably well, but I have to hide my fingers.

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    • Chloris, I am usually covered in mud and nails too. I’d just had my nails manicured for our son’s wedding so I’d been wearing rubber gloves to stop the dirt penetrating my nails.

      It is going to be a challenge to grow the Strawberries nine months of the year but last year I was picking strawberries on Christmas day. We will see!


  2. Strawberries are fun to grow! They spread and multiply very quickly. Enjoy!


  3. Your strawberries are beautiful. I’d say you’re well on your way to conquering your quest. 🙂


  4. Good luck Carole, I wasn’t even aware the strawberries would grow for 9 months of the year!!! I have some strawberries in pots but I think the birds eat most of them, at least I’ve only eaten a couple…


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