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My Tin of Hope
My Tin of Hope

I considered naming the tin which contains all my packets of seeds, “My Tin of DOOM”. Why? Because many most of the seeds fail to germinate. I’m not sure if this is due to the quality of seed or if I’m using the wrong kind of seed compost. Whatever the reason, I either end up with fifty seedlings of the same variety or zilch.

Just in case seeds respond to feelings of negativity and in an attempt to view my failures in a more positive light, I have renamed the tin “My Tin of Hope

Zucchini Seedlings
Zucchini Seedlings

However, most of these seeds will now stay in the tin as I’ve decided to buy seedling plugs from our local market. This not only liberates me from weeks of frustration waiting for the seeds to germinate (or not), but this way I only buy what I need!

Positive thought also encourages us to take a more positive course of action!

Is your glass half empty or half full?

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  1. Hi Piglet, Take a look at biodynamics for your planting. Choose the appropriate days for specific plant types and you will see a difference both in germination success rate and improved growth at harvest time. While your at this new research bent check out basic permaculture practices.


  2. What a shame you have such little success with seed sowing. I get huge pleasure from watching the seedlings arrive. But what is the point in continuing to do something that gives so little positive feedback. And who needs 20 courgette plants anyway!


  3. How stupid is this??? I thought you weren’t posting as I have not received any updates for ages. Saw your retweet and thought er… as you do. Then discovered how to manage my blogs and saw that several, including yours are on never receive updates… How?? Why?? When?? and Kill me!


  4. I love your Tin Of Hope. 🙂 Your seedlings are beautiful. They looks so healthy and happy. I hope my seedlings grow half as well as yours do.
    Most of us gardeners has experienced the doom and disappointment of our seeds and crops. I believe that with your positive attitude and green thumb that you’ll be a super farmer in no time.
    Great photos & post and so cheerful. 🙂


  5. I like the words, “Tin of Hope.” We can even put anything on it that we hope to grow, glow or simply bring forth good things to us or those we care about. I agree with the seeds part. not all make it which can be frustrating. The seedling plugs are a great idea…
    love this thoughts, “Positive thought also encourages us to take a more positive course of action!” Thanks for sharing and wishing you lots of love and joy.


    1. Hi island bliss, and a warm welcome to Piglet’s world :). We hope for many things in life, but sometimes hope in itself is not enough. Sometimes we need to take an alternative course of action to achieve the same end result and ful our dreams.


  6. I’m sorry to hear it doens’t work out with your seeds. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about gardening so I can’t give you any advice on it. Hope the seedlings will do better 🙂


    1. Hi Shell,
      I’ve tried using little yougurt pots (I punch holes in the bottom) and even proper seed trays and nada. I think i will take one of my large containers, fill with earth and add one of the packs of seeds. I can then call it my pot of hope!


  7. I think you should follow up the re-naming of the tin by sowing the seeds too. Other wise it will become the tin of forlorn hope. Seeds in a tin will never germinate. Keep with the seedling plugs too to keep your options covered. Perhaps the seeds will feel encouraged to grow if they are growing alongside the seedling plugs.


      1. I have some herbs growing in pots now but the frost over the past few weeks has taken it’s toll. They don’t look very happy. The mint is no longer in the land of the living. So not a great start for me.


  8. No seeds in packets here but I just take them out of the tomato or the pepper or whatever and throw them on the soil and pray. It works sometimes haha!
    Dominicans are the most optimistic people I know and always are convinced things will get better. Because of learning from them I am definitely a glass half full person – it makes your life so much happier!


  9. A tin of hope has GOT to be better than a tin of doom…having said that I’m frequently accused of being a pessimist. I’ll probably drop that half-empty glass on the floor, it will shatter and cut my foot! 😉


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