Gardening ‘To Do’ List – Six Projects for 2019

I know the OH will run and hide when he reads this but a gal has to have a plan,  and my restricted mobility has meant I have had plenty of thinking scheming time to formulate ideas into a concrete gardening 'plan of action' for 2019. So my #SixOnSaturday for this week are six gardening projects... Continue Reading →


Six on Saturday: A Tour of My Garden – November (part 1)

Gardening is one of my passions so I am delighted to discover #sixonsaturday as a way to link up with fellow gardeners across the world. When I think of  the various areas of our garden I try to plan them as different rooms or a transition from one room to the next. Each room has a... Continue Reading →

April: Growing Fruit and Vegetables in Pots

April 23rd 2012 - My monthly diary for April continues with my ongoing experiment to grow fruit and vegetables in pots and various containers. This year I planted some orange and red peppers seedlings which I bought from São Teotónio Market in March. At 25cents each they were quite expensive, but still easier and cheaper... Continue Reading →

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