Couve Roxa Com Cominos – Red Cabbage with Cumin

From plot to plate – I grew the red cabbage used in this recipe in my vegetable plot!

Couve roxa com cominos - Red cabbage with cumin
Couve roxa com cominos - Red cabbage with cumin


Small Red Cabbage (sliced finely)
1 Onion (chopped)
1 Packet of smoked lardons (bacon pieces)
Knob of lard or splash of olive oil
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds or cumin powder
1 bay leaf
Salt to taste

Put lard or oil in frying pan and heat. Add lardons and onion. Cook until golden brown. Add sliced red cabbage, cumin, bay leaf and salt to taste. Stir. Cover pan with lid and cook gently for about 30 minutes or until tender. Stir occasionally.

Delicious served hot with chicken or pork

I grew this red cabbage!
I grew this red cabbage!

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40 thoughts on “Couve Roxa Com Cominos – Red Cabbage with Cumin

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  1. Never had red cabbage with cumin before, didnΒ΄t even know it as part of Portuguese cooking. Will give it a try as it looks very good!


    1. A friend lent me a VERY old Portuguese cookery book – it was in there.
      “Secrets of Portuguese Cooking” Trouble is, some of the recipes are SOOOO sceret they have only printed half of the instructions!


  2. It looks fabulous. Wow kudos on growing the red cabbage. You must have the right temperatures for such a feat?! What a beautiful plant.


  3. Hey piglet. Been a fan of your blog for over a year now (since I had in mind to move to Portugal. And now I’m here too – still can’t believe it! )
    I have a food related question for you. Did you notice any difference between the dairy aisle in the Portuguese supermarkets and the ones in England?
    For example, I’m having a hard time finding natural yogurts, or sour cream!! (the only ones I could find were those ones for cooking packed in boxes). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore their cheese, all kinds, but everything else is just… “different”


    1. Hi Bianca and welcome! Which part of Portugal have you moved to?

      Yes, I have found the dairy isle a lot different! Natural yogurts are in abundance – try buying a branded make or I now buy yaourt a la grecque
      this is a greek natural yogurt and is absolutely declicious. Judging by the writing it may not be a Portuguese brand it is Paturades and we bought it in Intermarche, but Continente also do their own brand. I think sour creme I use Creme frais, again available from Intermarche and many other supermarkets.
      Bacon is one of our biggest problems, but now we actually prefer the Portuges bacon. Bacon we buy in the UK is full of chemicals and when you cook it all white stuff comes out of it! yuck.
      the one thing Portugal will never be able to replace is Lincolnshire sausages and cheddar cheese!
      In fact the meat produce we buy here is far better than the UK!



  4. And you wrote earlier about how you failed your garden this year. Ha!
    Btw, I added the plugin for comment-reply notification as you mentioned, but I don’t see it. Perhaps I need to log out as admin and try a comment.
    (That’s red cabbage?)


  5. Congratulations!!! What success you’ve had with your red cabbage! Isn’t it amazing…to cook with ingredients you’ve grown yourself? Your red cabbage dish sounds wonderful!
    We love what we call “Karachi cabbage”. My husband and I ate at an Indian restaurant (Karachi) near Times Square in NYC when we lived there…we ate there EVERY weekend for many years! They served a cabbage dish and I learned how to make it…we loved it so much! It calls for green cabbage…cut out the core and cut into wedges….sautee in a little butter/margarine, sprinkle with curry powder to your taste (cumin would work also) and a little sugar. Turn heat to low, cover and simmer until cabbage is soft stirring occasionally and adding a little water so that the cabbage steams a little. Yum!


  6. Glad your “red thumb” came through for you! πŸ˜€

    Love sauteed onion and cabbage . . . especially stirred in to mashed potatoes to make colcannon. Yummy


  7. Congratulations on growing such lovely cabbage. We’ve never been able to grow it successfully.
    Your recipe and food looks so tasty. I hope you enjoyed it with an extra happy heart knowing that you grew the cabbage yourself.
    That’s the best part of gardening.
    ~applause~ πŸ™‚


      1. I don’t blame you, I’d be over the mon too if I could grow pretty cabbages like you. You certainly earned this delicious meal. I’m so happy for you. Well done! πŸ™‚


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