All Aboard The Aperitivo Train!

On my last visit to France I discovered an unusual way to serve my favourite dips hummus, Tzatziki and guacamole. The idea was SO simple yet effective I'm surprised I did not think of it myself! As you can see from the photographs the peppers form the train carriages which hold the vegetable sticks, and... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

The following recipe and photograph are courtesy of Colin, one of my blog followers. When he first suggested the recipe I thought using beetroot AND chocolate in a cake sounded rather bizarre. But then I thought, why not, so this weekend I'm going to give it a try. Anyone else game? If you cook the... Continue Reading →

Savoury Pear Delight Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” Recipe Challenge

OK, OK so I win no prizes for my food photography! I promise it tastes far better than it looks in this picture so any food photography tips gratefully received! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to research and cook one new recipe each week. This weeks recipe "Savoury Pear Delight" was kindly supplied... Continue Reading →

Cranberry and Orange Pork – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” recipe challenge

This recipe was really simple to cook and absolutely delicious. However, tracking down cranberries in Lyon proved problematic. I thought cranberries were in vogue but apparently not in this gastronomic centre. Eventually, after several fruitless forays to some local supermarkets (and not to beaten) we made the "pilgrimage" to the "English" Food shop aptly named... Continue Reading →

Simple Sweet and Sour Pork – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” recipe challenge

Stuck in a "culinary rut" one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to research and cook one new recipe each week; photograph the results, both successes and failures, and post to my blog. On reflection I should have named myself "Squirrel" not Piglet as I hoard tins, jars and packets of this and that in... Continue Reading →

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