Portugal: Growing Fruit and Vegetables in April

My diary continues…

Despite earlier problems with white cabbage mold Piglet’s plot continues to yield a modest crop of lettuce, carrots, leeks, cabbage, spinach and radish. The brocoli and cauliflower have now finished, and it was rather a challenge to eat them all before they ran to seed! I like them but not THAT much! I would grow them again, but stagger the planting because unlike cabbage and lettuce, once they are ready to be harvested they need to be picked, and they do not freeze well.

Red cabbage, leeks and lettuce
Red cabbage, leeks and lettuce
Carrot, green cabbage and spinach
Carrot, green cabbage and spinach

I only use the outer leaves of the green cabbage and this appears to have extended the harvest season.

I use the outer leaves first
I use the outer leaves first

My “red” thumb seems to have come into it’s own and my red cabbage are now ready for harvesting. I am looking forward to making red hot chilli slaw (I will post the recipe) and Courve Roxa Com Cominhos – Red Cabbage with Cumin

The red cabbages are now ready to pick
The red cabbages are now ready to pick

Organic Feed
Last month I bought some Sintex Foliar which is an organic product. Now this is a typical example of “Lost in Translation” because it’s a liquid feed I watered the plants and trees so the roots absorbed the nutrients. However, when I spoke to the Portuguese guy in the shop who could speak English, a few weeks later, I discovered that I should be spraying the leaves. You live and learn!

I also discovered I then needed another products BrioSint which you spray on the leaves once the plant/tree is in flower. But do not use on olives trees. Do you feed olive trees?

Olive trees: all have tiny buds so fingers crossed we will have some olives this year and I can make tapenade and also preserve some olives in vinegar or should that be salted water, or even oil?

Anyone know the best way to store olives?

Growing fruit and vegetables in containers
I’m have great success with this project, so I will make a separate post.

To do
Go to the market and buy some broad bean and french bean seedlings.

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38 thoughts on “Portugal: Growing Fruit and Vegetables in April

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  1. Your seasons must be ahead of ours. Mark’s vegetables aren’t as far along. He just bought tomato and pepper plants this week.

    You’re doing great.


  2. I have really developed a liking for red cabbage lately. I made a casserole last week and used it for colour. Lovely to see it all coming along.

    No tips for olives, sorry. I hate them!!


  3. Great veggie garden Pip, youΒ΄re almost self-sufficient!
    Lindsay do not eat olives straight from the tree, they are very bitter, they need to be cured first, lol.
    On my side my greens arenΒ΄t too great but the passionfruit vine is full of fruit and I just picked the first two, although they need a little more maturing I think.


  4. great to see such lovely produce in your garden and these successes seem to outweigh the problems you have experienced. Well done for KBO.
    There are lots of websites with recipes for curing olives. Most suggest salt water with regular changes for 5 days then a final soak in salt water with herbs, garlic and a little oil.


  5. I love following the developement of your garden. I’m still surprised there isn’t any kale. It’s the big rage over here. My grandma would be so proud.


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