Six on Saturday: Spring Flowers and a GM Bug

Another busy week in the garden. Sun, strong winds and showers kept me and the Gnome busy both inside and out. Lots more seeds planted and the cloches are full with pots of Hope and the construction of the raised vegetable beds are nearing completion. Over the weeks I have enjoyed photos shared by fellow... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: Vegetable Update 6th June

Where has this week gone? It seems impossible it's Saturday again! I have been so engrossed in helping my Gnome build our new composter (more on this project in a separate post) that I nearly forgot to post my weekly gardening update. This week we were blessed with heavy rain on Tuesday night which gave... Continue Reading →


I am not sure if this is an unusual Rhubarb Forcer or an unusual use for a plant pot destined for the garbage after Mr Piglet burnt a hole in the bottom with red-hot ashes! Researching on the Gardeners' World website I've just realised I should have plugged any holes to exclude light. Now there's... Continue Reading →

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