Mrs Blobby’s 10kg Fat Attack!

Mrs Blobby posing for the camera!

Do you ever look in the mirror and think – “who is that person?”
I feel the same inside but WHO is that stranger glaring back at me in the mirror?

Oh my God “Bom Dia” it’s Mrs Blobby!

Reality check! – I’m becoming both FAT and FRUMPY! Oh to wind back the clock – all those cakes, biscuits, sweets, crisps, alcohol and other naughties I have consumed in copious quantities over the years for which I am now ultimately paying the price.

I must devise an Action Plan to lose some serious weight before metamorphosis is complete!

The problem is that in Portugal you are not constantly bombarded with Slimming magazines and posters advertising local slimming clubs such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World – you are very much on your own. They may exist but as I do not even know the Portuguese words for diet or slim, they have probably passed me by. The word for fat, however, is gordo

I know this because a Portuguese neighbour told me I was fat (gordo) and needed to walk (mais andar) more. Well, this is what I soon understood her to say. However, I did not need a literal translation from Portuguese to English to get the drift of her meaning as she puffed out her cheeks, rubbed her stomach pointed at me then started gesturing me to walk as she marched up and down. The Portuguese can be very direct! I was mortified but smiled nicely and nodded.

I no longer buy clothes I like just clothes that are boring and baggy. Buying clothes for the bodily challenged here is a nightmare. XXXL is about the equivalent to a size 14. In the UK they psychologically downsize in most stores, so if you buy a size 14 for example it’s actually cut for a size 16. Not so in Portugal! Once over a size 14 there is not enough room for all the x’s on the label.

OK, enough excuses and back to the Action Plan

Why? I want to buy clothes I like not because they are the only ones that happen to fit and I buy them regardless of style or colour.
What? To lose 10kg
When? By Christmas
How? That’s a very good question…wire my jaws would be the simplest option!

Seriously, I think the most effective solution would be ‘portion control’ plus no desserts, biscuits, crisps chocolates, or bread. A minimum of 30 minutes exercise EVERY day

It’s not rocket science just Willpower! Mind over matter! Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Has anyone had any success with their home diet plan or did you need the moral support of a diet group? Please share your success and failures…

Perhaps I should form a group for like minded “Blobbies” who want to reduce their bodily proportions – I could call it “Piglet’s Porkers” Has a nice ring to it – anyone want to join?

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