Salad Days

I grew my own salad
Salad from seed!

At the beginning of June I decided I would attempt to grow my own salad in containers.

My goal – to grow lettuce, tomatoes, radish, courgettes, cucumber, spring onions, French beans and beetroot! An experiment prompted by the fact my little veggie patch now had to share soil space with some maturing trees and a very thirsty hedge. Not the best environment in which to grow vegetables so unfortunately it will probably be abandoned and gravelled over next year!

Is growing salad in containers successful?

I was unsuccessful with the spring onions and beetroot however, everything else seems to be growing reasonably well. Everything was grown from seed and I continue to plant in 3 weekly intervals to ensure continuity of supply!

I plated up my first salad yesterday as shown in the picture above.

Anyone else into container gardening?

3 thoughts on “Salad Days

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  1. Hi fellow piglet
    Yes, now we are. I keep germinating more seeds so we have a constant supply.

    I am also growing some spinach from seed to add to the list.

    We have so many cucumbers they are growing out of my ears!
    I am just researching on the net to see how to pickle the baby cucumbers – apparently they are gherkins once pickled.

    Anyone tried this? I would love a tried and tested recipe?


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