TKR: Two Years and Counting… Fighting Disability

Do you ever wish you could turn back the clock?

Two years ago my life changed and not for the better. The total knee replacement I pinned my hopes on that would allow me some modicum of normalcy aka would allow me to rejoin Pilates and Yoga, Zumba, walks on the beach and go body boarding with the grandkids again etc. has turned my life into a living nightmare of pain and frustration. I can’t even take a bath or get down on the floor. At least before the operation, I could do both.

I can’t go anywhere without planning the trip re. access such as steps, parking etc. When we were on holiday in France it was suggested we take a boat trip on one of the lakes until Mr. Piglet reminded me I would not be able to get down into the boat. … gutted! I wanted to see my grandkids in the adventure park set in a forest. Nope, not a chance.

I am effectively disabled without even the benefit of a disabled parking badge.

The operation has completely changed my life and not for the better. My first mistake: allowing a general surgeon as opposed to a knee specialist to perform the operation – I was swayed by a few recommendations. The second, going to a surgeon in the same group for another opinion and was told it was mechanically fine. No, it’s not piggin’ fine otherwise I would be able to walk without pain and a tight band feeling.

There are reasons why some knee replacements fail. Some issues can be corrected and others not. I accept this. Yes, I am overweight but I was overweight when I had the operation but that should not have been an issue. If it was, the operation should not have been performed until I was at the optimum weight.

So consulting a private sports surgeon who specialises in knees is my last horah! I’ve been tasked to lose a lot of weight (he explained why) my goal is 20kg so back on Keto and low carb diet. AND, despite the pain, I must build up the muscles around my knee. There are also a couple of other things he picked up from the MRI scan … we will see. Fingers crossed as I fight to regain my mobility.

I’d love to hear from other people who had problems with their TKR and the dreaded tight band feeling.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “TKR: Two Years and Counting… Fighting Disability

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  1. I had a TKR in 2017, by I think, the same surgeon as you had, also a total disaster. I am, like you, constantly in pain, can’t walk far, have to plan “every step of the way” not funny!!! I need to have the other knee attended to, but, guess what, I am NOT going to do it. Medicine/surgery is supposed to have advanced, but has it really? – in some ways, yes, but in others no. I have friends who have had successful TKR’s and hip replacements, they are the “lucky ones”. At the moment we are trying to get Stan a disability sticker, it’s a nightmare, they don’t reply to your e-mails or “CTT post”.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear of the problems caused by your TKR and hope that you will find a way to improve your mobility. Regarding weight loss, what worked for me is fasting. I started the regimen of 16hours fasting and 8hrs eating. I started in June of this year without great expectation and have lost about 15 stone to date. I eat nothing from 9pm until 1pm. If I feel hungry during the morning fast, I have one banana or some type of fruit or a handful of almonds. For fluid intake, I drink water or herbal teas. During the non-fasting hours you can eat anything you like. My sister is over 70 and has been doing it for several years with no I’ll effects.

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    1. Wow, I am not sure I could do that. So you have lost 15stone since June? That’s only 3 months.

      I only have a greek Yogurt for breakfast. I’ve cut our cofeetime biscuits or cakes. a small lunch such as cheese salad or Ryvita style cracker with cheese and salad. and evening meal. Meat or fish. and usually no potatoes other than sweet potatoes. I’ve cut out pasta and rice (still have on rare occasions). And have cut out bread.

      Breakfast at 7.30/8ish lunch 12.30ish dinner 18.00ish


      1. Yes, I did not realize that I had lost so much weight until I went for my annual check up. This has really worked for me. I don’t feel weak and so far, I have no ill effects. I’m trying to eat more during the non-fast periods to slow the weight loss.


  3. Being of medical background I am sadly not surprised . . . at this stage do not look backward at what may have been but forward one small step at a time. Sadly most knee reconstructions do not bring forth the anticipated results ! Personally speaking after studying nutrition since 1994 I would NOT use any diets – good carbs are absolutely essential to the body – but correct portion control, a cutout of most processed foods, no snacking and a continuously increasing gentle exercise regimen – that will rebuild the muscles around the knees. Best of British ! Smile !!!

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    1. Thanks, Eha. I am trying to stay positive and have devised a daily exercise plan with set targets. Sometimes it gets to nearly midnight and I realise I’ve not completed my 6000 steps or 300 revolutions on static bike with #3 resistence. (I will gradually increase this) so there I am frantically pedaling away or walking around the house LoL

      I do include some natural carbs and try and avoid processed carbs. STrangely enough I don’t eat that much … far less than I use to.

      I keep smiling 🙂


  4. Good luck with the weight loss. I struggle to lose weight despite keeping to a low carb diet for over a year (not at the moment – I got so bored of cauliflower). I hope you get some relief from the pain.

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    1. If a ‘diet’ does not begin to show results within a month or two – why continue it ? Cauliflower steaks are delicious . . . I have literally dozens of appetizing ways to prepare . . . but, with ALL the other possible choices why prepare it more than once s month or so . . . ? The best ‘diet’ just means being grown up !!!


    2. I am surprised you never lost weight adjusting carbs in your diet. I lost 10kg even with a few blips. I wonder if another diet such as counting calories would work better? Cauliflower rice has to be the worst thing ever!


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