Weekly Smiles – A Jar of Smiles!

I’ve had a lot to smile about over the last week. The new raised vegetable beds are finished and almost filled with compost. The vegetable seeds are beginning to germinate and I have already replanted many of the tomato seedlings to their own pots to grow on.

Who knew sitting in a car park by a dual carriageway could bring a smile? Our car battery has been dying for months but due to the spike in COVID cases, we delayed the inevitable trip to the next town to have a new one fitted. Wednesday, was the first time we have left the boundaries of our municipality since the beginning of December last year. It felt strange.

‘A thirty-minute job, maximum’, said my better half. ‘Why not come for a change of scenery?’ Lucky for me we took a beach chair for me to sit on while we waited, as due to COVID restrictions the garage waiting room was closed and since my knee replacement operation, I can’t stand for long or walk very far.

I planted my chair in a sunny spot at the edge of the car park next to the dual carriageway and watched the world go by. Nearly two and half hours later a new battery installed and an ongoing electrical problem resolved it was time to go. The owner of the garage seeing me sitting peacefully in my deckchair basking quietly in the sun, came over to apologise for such a long wait. I don’t think he could believe his luck when I told him I was perfectly happy to have a change of scenery. My reply made him smile.

The biggest smile came via a simple Mother’s Day present. A jar of smiles for Mum’s Yep, that’s right. the jar contained folded notes each with an inspirational quote, one for every day of the week for the next month.

For more smiles why not pope over to Trent’s Blog for the Weekly Smile. We could all do with more smiles at the moment

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  1. I guess you did need that change of scenery! I’m a relatively patient person most of the time, but I’ve noticed that when I have been out lately, I am more patient than ever – I think this entire Covid situation has changed people’s perspective. I hope that is part of the “new Normal”! Cool smile jar 🙂

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