A Great Way to Display Cacti and Succulents in Pots

What came first the chicken or the egg? My passion for mosaics developed way beyond the initial Introduction to Mosaics course after my general interest in growing succulents and cacti became a full-blown passion and I expanded my collection.

Or maybe I always had the mosaic bug, but lacked motivation and/or opportunity. Living way out of civilisation means that finding courses on anything remotely creative or spiritual is a real  challenge. Classes exist, but locating them is like searching for hen’s teeth.

Anyway, I digress.

mosaic plant pot
mosaic plant pot


One of my early glass mosaic projects was to decorate a set of three plant pots to display cacti and succulents. I already had the succulents so tried to choose the coloured glass to complement the burgundy coloured leaves of the succulent and pink cactus flowers.

This was my first attempt.

I drew the design freehand on thea terracotta pot then snipped the glass into random shapes and glued into position. Once finished I chose white grout to offset the colours.

mosaic pot

mosaic pot**

 plant pot with mosaic pattern
plant pot with mosaic pattern


Inspired, I mosaiced three different shaped pots using the same colour scheme.

mosaic pot succulent display
mosaic pot succulent display

I also intended to mosaic the large dish but decided you can have too much of a good thing so decided to leave it natural terracotta to offset the other plant pots.

Terracotta dish with blue mosaic tiled border
Terracotta dish with blue mosaic tiled border

With this pot I decided to only decorate the rim of the pot. It wasn’t intentional but once I started snipping and gluing I discovered I could not stick glass to a ridged surface. Hmmmm… a lesson learned!

Simple mosaic pot using scraps and paint
Simple mosaic pot using scraps and paint


Here I tried something a little different. I had a few pieces of glass left from a project I’d been working on with my granddaughter, so I utilised them to decorate this little pot. I painted the background  lemon and, in case you are wondering, the picture is meant to be a dragonfly.

Have you ever started one hobby and your creative spirit tacked on another?



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  1. Oh, these pots are fantastic, so pretty!
    As for your question, no, I am pretty boring I think, I started with poetry, and have never changed, morphed 🙂

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