Mosaic Abstract Table

My most ambitious project to date is this mosaic table which is 19″ (48cm) diameter. I’d observed other members of the mosaic class create some fantastic designs so decided to give it a try. I knew my biggest challenge would be cutting the stained glass to specific shapes which then all linked together, so accuracy was critical. All my previous projects were simple and used scrap squares and cutting to shape was minimal.

Abstract coffee table - design
Mosaic Abstract Table – design

After looking through various books in class I found this design. I liked the design’s simplicity and flexibility, plus it looked relatively easy. We marked out the design on the glass table top with the aid of various circular items such as biscuit tins, mugs, lamps and jam jars to name a few.

Abstract Table: Work in Progress
Mosaic Abstract Table: Work in Progress

Once I had a rough outline, I chose the colours for the largest shapes, made templates for each  then, cut to size. Cutting glass with curves is far harder than I first thought! I tried various ideas for the small mosaic inserts and finally settled on the colours and shapes as below. The decision process took a couple of months as I laid out various colours and shapes and then left the idea to ferment while I worked on another project.

As you can see, thanks to the planning and procrastination process, the completed project below is different to that above.

Mosaic Coffee Table
Mosaic Coffee Table – Completed

I am really pleased with my decision to use black grout as the table base is also black. I think it is  more striking than the brown the teacher originally suggested.

Abstract Mosaic Coffee Table
Abstract Mosaic Coffee Table

I am really pleased with the end result and future projects could involve making glass mosaic protectors for my bedside tables.

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    1. No, the tree of life became the thorn in my side. I was glad to see the end of it. However, even now I look at it and think it is not finished.

      Yes, with this piece the black does pull it all together 🙂


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