FitBit and Senior Moments

I accept I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer when it comes to mastering technology and digital gizmos, but even I had to groan at this particular ‘senior blond’ moment.

Wanting to lose weight I invested in a FitBit Charge HR. So far so good.

Much to everyone’s surprised snickers I managed to ‘set it up’ and more importantly, and much to my surprise, I even synced it with my iPad which enabled me to monitor daily steps, distance walked, pulse, stairs and all sorts of other useful data. This is turn enabled me to take part in Challenges with family and friends. Hey, I was on a roll… or so I thought.

The FitBit became part of my daily routine and I became obsessed with steps walked and distance covered. Even to the point I would run round the house ten times to increase my daily steps if I was not on target. Yes, I actually did that on several occasions especially when my daughter and I were participating in a challenge.

Then disaster struck. It stopped syncing with my iPad and it could not collect the data.

I contacted FitBit customer service via Twitter and after twenty emails offering support and directions they cut their losses and sent me a new FitBit (It was probably costing them more in man-hours than the value of a replacement)

My new FitBit arrived, I charged it and then tried to set it up.

The FitBit arrived pulse set at 135
The FitBit arrived pulse set at 135

I kept pressing the button on the side of the Fitbit, but the data on the screen remained on 135. It was stuck. The back of the watch was flashing green but the screen data remained static.

FitBitCharge HR - I pressed the button and the screen lit up but numbers remained static
FitBitCharge HR – I pressed the button and the screen lit up but numbers remained static

I contacted customer services again and you could almost sense it was a case of ‘oh no, not that woman again’ Emails bounced back and forth offering various suggestion until I finally admitted defeat and passed it to Mr. Piglet.

He looked at the FitBit and then asked why I had left the Surface Protection film over the screen.

‘What…what film?’ I asked.

He peeled back the printed film to expose the screen and then laughed.

FitBit Charge HR - Beware it arrives with printed surface protection film
FitBit Charge HR – Beware it arrives with printed surface protection film

I was not amused.

Please, Mr. FitBit. Can you send an Idiot’s guide with your product or at least a note reminding people to remove the SPF.


If anyone wants to link up for a Weekly or Daily Challenge please let me know!

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  1. You had me laughing too Carole. My husband has one that I gave him for his birthday, but the strap gave him an allergy on the wrist so he stopped wearing it. I might give it a go, but I’m sure I would feel bad as I definitely do not walk 10000 steps!!!


    1. I was worried about developing an allergy so I only wear it during the day. I know some people like to monitor sleep patterns but it is only activity I am interested in. If you do take his fitbit and you want to hook up for a weekly challenge, please just let me know 🙂


    1. Rarely, not unless I join the local walking group. I try and if I’ve walked say 8500 steps I will run round the house at garden to make up the steps. I’ve even been known to do this late at night. It’s a good motivator but 10,000 every day is just a ‘step to far’. Hey, my next challenge is to reduce the recommended daily 10,000. I’d like to change it to about 7000.

      How many steps do you manage a day?


      1. I manage 10,000 about once a week. I feel pleased if I do 7,000. Usually, I do about 5,000. But I garden most days and cycle too, they don’ t show up as a lot of steps.


  2. I’m impressed! You did all the hard part. I totally can relate to leaving the protective covering on things. Have done that several times. Fun story, well written.


  3. Oh dear, and there I was quietly thinking that perhaps I also should get one of these gizmos and look very ‘modern’ here in the country! As an IT ‘tool’ I happen to be totally blunt and most local people don’t bother with stuff like this and would just laugh 🙂 !! Perchance I better stick to my old pedometer until I have time to go trawling around the Net for possible help !!! Best of luck with yours . . .


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