Palácio de Mateus Reflections

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is all about reflections.

Palacio de Mateus2

Palacio de Mateus

Palacio de Mateus

One of the least memorable trips on our Douro river cruise was a visit to Palácio de Mateus, near Vila Real. Please don’t ask why but I was expecting to visit a vineyard for the Mateus Rose wine. Yep, the devil is always in the detail and I failed to connect the dots.

I am not a student of architecture so the building while providing an impressive photo oppotunity on our arrival failed to stir much interest within. Even Wiki only has a page stub.

The official website is


5 responses to “Palácio de Mateus Reflections

  1. Beautiful photos of a place which I also saw but for the first time in an Australian travel show just a matter of months ago. With the explanation 🙂 !


  2. Beautiful! Did you love Portugal?


  3. Well…… it’s a pretty building….. could use a few goldfish in the pond out front!


  4. While I wouldn’t call it great architecture, I find it interesting, because it’s unusual. Good photo for reflections.


  5. I love reflections and your pictures are stunning!


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