Why am I here… ?

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Eye Spy.

Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes

I see you,
do you really see me
behind the bars
of captivity… ?


6 responses to “Why am I here… ?

  1. i wonder if it was us in the cage,would we like that life ,after being free in the jungle….


  2. We live in the cage of our fears.


  3. I only went once as a 5 year old to Bristol zoo and it traumatised me then and still does now but I will always do my bit to close down zoos or bring to attention the dire hells for wild animals.


  4. Unlike you, sad one whom we try to help, I had the choice not to be captive . . .


  5. yes indeed an i’d be sad also if i was caged like that…


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