Transitions: The Evolution of Man

The Evolution of Man
The Evolution of Man

The theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Transition.

When you stop to consider how we have evolved and the stress of living in a high-pressured, money-grabbing, politically correct and power crazy world where tolerance and excuses breed intolerance, have we really progressed? Dog eat dog and all that…

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  1. May have said this before, but Portugal is one of our very favorite places. The people are so kind to American tourists. And when we used our few phrases of Portuguese they embraced us like family. Lovely place and people.


  2. Hi, thinking the same thing some times. Then catch a glimmer every now and then that we inch forward in small increments visible only to God. I have a post, “From Monkeys to Jesus: Has Humanity Made the Leap from Monkey Yet?” that you might enjoy.


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