Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Wall’


This is  the noticeboard on my study wall. For the last year I have been staring at this piggin’ mess with the good intention of removing all the redundant pieces of paper, cards and ‘whatnots’ I keep, ‘just in case’. I now have SO much rubbish I can no longer see the woods for the trees. Talking of trees, there IS probably a  tree pinned to my noticeboard.

How about you. Is your noticeboard neat and tidy or a riot of paper such as mine?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall

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  1. I don’t believe it! Methinks we use exactly the same noticeboard but my long side runs north to south 🙂 ! As messy? About equal and I have absolutely no plan to do anything about it – all those wonderful memories 🙂 !! Love my ‘riot’ . . .


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