Has the sun set on your dreams?

Motivation Monday

… or are you still dreaming?

8 thoughts on “Has the sun set on your dreams?

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  1. Working on my dreams to gather my humorous posts into a book, spiritual posts also into a book, and to get a children’s book I’ve written illustrated and published.


  2. If the sun regularly sets the beautiful moon rises: I can dream looking at him also . . . and in the morning the sun is there smiling again . . . stop, never . . .


  3. No, the sun hasn’t set on my dreams. I just have to work a few more years, here in New England, before I can make the next change in my life. I hope to move to Portugal, or the Azores, or maybe even southern France, when I finish working at my job. Oh I wish I could make the move now, but I wouldn’t be able to find work to support my life. I will definitely make the move in another six years. Can’t wait!


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