Has the sun set on your dreams?

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

… or are you still dreaming?


8 responses to “Has the sun set on your dreams?

  1. No, the sun hasn’t set on my dreams. I just have to work a few more years, here in New England, before I can make the next change in my life. I hope to move to Portugal, or the Azores, or maybe even southern France, when I finish working at my job. Oh I wish I could make the move now, but I wouldn’t be able to find work to support my life. I will definitely make the move in another six years. Can’t wait!


  2. If the sun regularly sets the beautiful moon rises: I can dream looking at him also . . . and in the morning the sun is there smiling again . . . stop, never . . .


  3. Still a lot of sunrises, sunsets and dreams ahead. And so many places to travel to in Portugal to enjoy them! Anita


  4. Working on my dreams to gather my humorous posts into a book, spiritual posts also into a book, and to get a children’s book I’ve written illustrated and published.


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