Midlife Crisis?

Hot Lip Leggings
Hot Lip Leggings

So what’s with the studded boots and ‘hot lip’ leggings, you may well ask?

My friends inform me I’m having a midlife crisis – that or I’m going barking mad. I even threatened to have pink and purple rebellious highlights in my hair but the jury is still out on that idea! So why have these silly leggings awakened something deep and rebellious within me?

I wish I could stand up and scream: age is only a number – it’s how we feel that matters. It’s not that I dread getting older, it’s just the way marketing companies tag us with different labels. NO, I do not want pearls, nor do I want to subscribe to SAGA magazine, NOR am I a “silver surfer” – I’m me! And by the way, the anti-aging cream you advertise on TV and in glossy magazines, it’s a waste of money.

You pigeonhole us by age group, gender, income… blahdy blah…

I digress, so what’s with the boots and legging? The boots were the only pair wide enough to fit my trotters, and the leggings? Well let’s just say Mr. Piglet said, “You’re not buying those!” I secretly confess, the ‘hot lip leggings’ are rather bizarre but as they were the only leggings in my size, and I was looking for something warm and comfy to wear around the house I thought, “hey why not?”.

Never say to Piglet: You can’t or don’t. It’s like a red flag to a pig.

A couple of weeks later we were going to a party and as a joke I tried the leggings on with a black top and started prancing around. I had no intention of wearing them, honest!

“You can’t wear those!” exclaimed Mr. Piglet.

“Watch me!”

When we arrived at the party my friends looked at me in horror. My reply… “Midlife Crisis” and with that they smiled and nodded in agreement.

Midlife Crisis

A throwback hippy and sixties child
in midlife crisis, bold and wild.
I don’t need designer clothes,
Dior or Prada in which to pose.
My Primark leggings do just fine
as lips are such a cool design.

I may go wild and dye my hair
bright pink or purple, I don’t care.
Cut short and spiky to rebel
it’s midlife crisis, so what the hell!

As you grow older, do you get the urge to do crazy things?

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  1. LOL, funny post Carole. You sound a lot like my Mom, if someone says no to her that’s when she will do it 🙂
    I’m not as daring as you seem to be, so wouldn’t go with pink or purple hair, but as I grow older I don’t bother as much with what people might think of me or my dress sense.
    I agree that we are as old as we feel, so why not go with purple streaks or leggings? As long as you feel comfortable…
    Have a wonderful 2019!!


  2. “As you grow older, do you get the urge to do crazy things?” Only if you have unresolved issues. The same as if someone says “don’t” you just have to do it. That is not acting, that is REacting.

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  3. Go for the pink-purple locks
    we all want to do something mad sometimes. Age doesn’t come into it – the inner you is what matters. The lovable lips leggings will match your hair. .

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  4. Very loud laughter ~ I am a 50’s child so I can be ‘Mum’ – For heaven’s sake lady, years do not count an iota: promise you faithfully that if you can make your physical health stand up more or less upright – the best is yet to be!!! I have never ever enjoyed what I am able to produce all on my little onesome as much as I do now!!!!!!

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    1. PLEASE, do go to Celi at ‘the kitchensgardens’ – she is beginning a book [a proper one to be published!] from all of us of the ‘Fellowship of the Farmy’ on menopause and peri-menopause and after!!!!! You would love all the comments already in – why don’t you read first and, if like, put up your hand 🙂 ?

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  5. I love this post, just enjoy and go with the hair restyle if you feel like it. If you hate it you can shave it off and make another statement and anyway it would grow eventually. Or you can recolour over the top. Its not like covering your body with permanent tats.


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