Mum – 19th November 1926 – 18th December 2013

Mum and Me
Mum and Me

My Mum passed away in December at the grand old age of 87 years young. Although her mind had long-ceased to focus on the here and now and she lived in the past, she was a tough old bird and I expected her to live to a hundred.

When I received the call to get back to the UK post-haste, as she was dying, it came as a shock. Apparently she was only expected to live for a few hours and I’d already missed the flight to the UK for that day. I can’t begin to tell you how helpless that made me feel so I wrote a poem.

Wait for me

My thoughts through God
I send you, like a message in a bottle
cast into the ocean of life.
You hover on the threshold
waiting for death, yet also for me
to hug you
one last goodbye.

Thoughts of words
we left unsaid linger with regret.
Life’s sorrow
now a secret you take to the grave
as you find peace with God.

Please wait for me Mum,
wait for me to hug you
one last goodbye
before your journey
beyond the here and now.

Godspeed the iron bird who will unite us
one last time.

I count the hours while you labour
with life. Can you hear me Mum?
Do you hear my voice through God
imploring you through my tears of grief?

Please wait for me to hug you one last goodbye…

I prayed to God I would be granted the opportunity to say “goodbye” and despite the prognosis that she would only live for a few hours she held on for a couple of days. Is there a God?

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  1. Hello again, I just reconnected here and the first thing I read was your poem. Sorry to hear of your loss and having been through the same thing with my mother the year before, I can relate to it so well. A beautiful poem and a wonderful photo of you Mum. I believe there is a God, indeed, x


  2. My sincere condolences for the loss of your mother. What a beautiful moving poem! Being able to say your goodbyes must have been an enormous joy and relief. I know what it’s like not being able to say goodbye to a loved one and how it lingers forever the feeling of sadness. Think of your mother in her happiest moments and make her relive through those stories for you and all those you recount them to.


    1. Thank you, didi πŸ™‚ the poem was a release of my feelings. SCribbled after I put down the phone to my son and realised I was not going to get home that day. I’ll catch up with you soon πŸ™‚ Hugs, PiP


  3. So sorry for your loss Carole. I know from personal experience that we can take great comfort in being able to say goodbye. I am a non believer in the traditional sense of there being a god, but I agree with Spinster about a higher energy. I think we all have an inner spirit or soul that can communicate via and draw on this energy in times of great need.


    1. Thanks, MC. There is a higher energy that comes from within and also around us. I always prayed when her time came her passing would be quick…and it was. My next post will be a little more cheerful πŸ™‚


  4. My heart breaks – I was there ahead of you . . . . know what it means . . . know the memories after . . . May the blessings of the Higher Powers be with you and a big hug . . . slowly this too will pass . . . the sun will shine . . .


  5. PiP, I’m sorry you’ve lost your mum. What a beautiful post! The picture is glorious and says so much. I love the poem and I am so very glad she waited for you to say goodbye in person.


  6. Thank you for sharing the poem. My mother held on several days for me too and died an hour after I left her at the hospital (to collect my children). The determination she had to hold on to life for those extra days so she could see me one last time has always amazed me. My condolences to you.


    1. thanks alicia… I wonder if having said goodbye she waited for you to leave. My Mum died while we were waiting for taxi to pick us up to take us to the hospital. We waited 50 minutes… they promised 5… If thy’d have come as promised we would have been there…


  7. Your poem brought tears to my eyes, it was a lovely tribute to your mum, and poignant for me because my mum passed away a week after yours, at the ripe old age of 93. I’m glad you got home to see your mum one more time, to say your farewells.
    Sadly, there was no time for me to return to the UK to say one last goodbye to my mum as I got the call from my brother on Christmas Eve, and mum died the day after, Christmas Day..
    I’m sure your mum held on for you Carole, and yes, I know there is a loving God who hears us.
    Losing a mother is like the end of an era, I can’t get used to the fact that my mum isn’t here any more and I guess you must be feeling the same. Mums are special. My condolences to you and your family.


    1. Thanks, Barb πŸ™‚ I saw your post on FB about your Mum. I’m so sorry you never made it home. You’re right “Losing a mother is like the end of an era” never thought about it like that. Still time heals, as they say.


  8. My sincerest condolences and a beautiful tribute.

    My dearly departed Grandma died many years ago, but something similar happened with her – we got a call from the hospital stating that her condition got worse and she wouldn’t make it to the next morning. Words can’t express my grief upon hearing that, but we had her for another week before she left us for good.

    Is there a god? Not sure. I’m agnostic. But I DO think that there MIGHT be some sort of energy out there that’s greater than us humans. In your case and mine, I think they just knew that they were about to leave us but decided on their own to wait just a little longer so far-away loved ones could say farewell.



    1. Thankyou for your kind words, Spinster πŸ™‚
      My son held his mobile phone to my Mum’s ear while I pleaded with her to “Wait for me”. She was deaf so I don’t think she heard me πŸ™‚ I wrote the poem after the phonecall.

      You are right about energy. Is there a God? Yes, but I’m also a tree-hugger for good measure.


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