Is Pilates a Load of Pooh?

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There are many different exercise classes here in the Algarve including yoga, zumba, and aerobics, so whatever possessed me to join a pilate’s class? …I asked myself as I lay on the beach, covered in sand and frizzling in the midday sun.

My friend, who introduced me to the pilates class, was an excellent sales person. Although she convinced me pilates would “tighten my midriff and all my other dangly-bits”, I felt she just dragged me along to make up the numbers. If I went “AWOL” for even one class I usually received at least one email and/or telephone call demanding to know why I did not attend…

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12 thoughts on “Is Pilates a Load of Pooh?

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  1. Pilates on the beach sounds nice – at sunrise or sunset – but for heavens sake not at midday, that’s just madness. Great article though and very well written (Y)


  2. Well done, PiP! You really have a way of enticing out our smiles and nods of agreement with your exposition.

    I tried to leave a comment, but the Expat site wanted a password and I didn’t have one.


  3. Pilates on the beach sounds a bit difficult with all the sand and heat. I have done Pilates in a gym, with machines (reformer Pilates) but although I found it helped with my back problems and made my floppy bits less floppy, I always found it difficult to coordinate breathing and exercising…


  4. Great article PiP! Left you a comment. As I’m not a member of the Perfect Beach Body Pilates Club I couldn’t have done that, so I’m impressed you gave it a shot. I’m more content to exercise in the comfort of my own home, where the Wii Fit instructor doesn’t judge if I get it wrong!


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