Author Jenny Grainer: “Portugal and the Algarve Now & Then”

Jenny recently contacted “Piglet in Portugal” (unaware she knew me through her monthly writing group), to ask if I would help promote her e-book through my blog. What a small world!

Naturally I was delighted to help.

Jenny’s book presents a great opportunity to learn even more about Portugal, past and present. Her book Firewater, potholes & sardines – stories of a Brit abroad (Portugal and the Algarve Now & Then) is now available on Kindle. Please check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

Portugal and the Algarve Now & Then
Portugal and the Algarve Now & Then


“I came to live in the Algarve in 1965 and have watched an undiscovered corner of Southern Europe turn into the thriving tourist-orientated Province it is today. Jenny’s stories evoked many memories of those early days, when some of us were fortunate enough to share the lifestyle of farming and fisher-folk, whose land we invaded. For me, reading her book was a pleasantly nostalgic experience.” Harry Warner, Barbara de Nexe

“Required reading is this book of Algarvean short stories… nothing escapes her ears or eyes. Her style of writing is fresh and racy; I could not put the book down…” The Portugal News

“Jenny Grainer’s collection of very personal memories is an entertaining and absorbing read for any English-speaking tourist or resident who wants to know more about the Algarve’s recent history.” Algarve 123 Report

“Her wonderful descriptions of the characters she met are both sad and amusing and, to see Portugal through the eyes of a young Englishwoman, is at times a moving experience.” The Euro Weekly News

“Jenny’s book is a ‘must read’, as there are lots of short stories about the past and present of Portuguese life.” The Algarve Resident

“The wonders of life on the Algarve before it attracted the attention of developers have been recaptured…” The Portsmouth News

Jenny Grainer
Jenny Grainer

About the author

Jenny Grainer was born in England but has lived in the Algarve in Portugal since 1968. She has written for several national newspapers and in flight magazines and her regular ‘Now & Then’ column was so popular it became a book, currently being translated into Portuguese.

Jenny speaks Portuguese, teaches creative writing classes for English speakers and enjoys the ex pat and local social scene alike. Jenny lives with her husband Gordon in the Algarve and has 3 children.


14 thoughts on “Author Jenny Grainer: “Portugal and the Algarve Now & Then”

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  1. Just got back from two fabulous weeks in The Algarve. Saw Jenny’s book advertised in the free English language paper and bought it on Kindle whilst there. Really enjoyed it and thanks for the recommendation about Brandymel, absolutely yummy!


  2. Hi Piglet,I am the one with the “An Adventure Abroad” blog.  You mentioned a writers group.  Could it be anywhere near Lagos?  Looking for one around here with no luck as yet, but then I just moved down from Obidos area Jan.  You are one of the people that keeping me plunking away on the keyboard…thanksBejinConstance


  3. Love anything to do with” Now and Then ” Will certainly read it. Have friends who went to live in Portugal in the eighties and are still here.
    This book being two decades earlier will interest them too.


  4. Have to look further into this! Love learning: know less about Portugal than just about any other European country and am also quite fascinated to see that it seems to boast quite a large British ex-pat colony! Thanks for making us aware . . .


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