Boa Páscoa – Happy Easter!

Folar da Páscoa - Traditional Portuguese Easter Bread
Folar da Páscoa – Traditional Portuguese Easter Bread

I don’t have any pictures of Easter Bunnies or Easter Eggs, so hope a picture of Folar da Páscoa will suffice.

I’d planned to drag Mr. Piglet along to a Folar da Páscoa festival today. However, as it’s being held outside and the weather is SO awful I will have to wait until next year! Mr. Piglet breathed a BIG sigh of relief! First time I’ve heard him cheer because it’s raining.

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Folar da Páscoa


16 thoughts on “Boa Páscoa – Happy Easter!

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  1. I just got a folar delivered in London! You also should go for the Easter almonds (sugar coated almonds or, the fake version, almond-shped sugar coated dark chocolate)

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  2. Spent Easter with my daughter who is married to an Aussie-Greek, so she will have two Easters, one with me and one with her mother-in-law because the Greek orthodox church uses a different calendar….


  3. Feliz e Santa Páscoa.
    A happy and Holy Easter 2 you and everyone on the blog.
    The sweet bread you have pictured, is ok, but the ones made at home, oh so much bigger.

    Have you ever tried the sweet egg cake , that is made at this time of the year? It usually sold by the weight.
    Another great thing that happens at this time, not sure if it happen there, but it dose in the Azores, is the Easter carnival dances.
    (),, ()


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