Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve – Portugal

Praia da Ingrina is a Blue Flag beach located in an idyllic and unspoilt country setting “far from the ‘maddening’ crowds”. As I sat on the beach enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty I could even hear a cockerel crowing in the distance. That’s a first, I’ve never heard a cockerel crowing from my vantage point on the beach before!

Praia da Ingrina is certainly one of my favourite beaches and with its sheltered bay makes it ideal for swimming, diving etc

Praia da Ingrina, Vila do Bispo, Western Algarve - Portugal
Praia da Ingrina, Vila do Bispo, Western Algarve – Portugal

Unfortunately, the day we ventured to Praia da Ingrina the gusting wind made it nigh on impossible for our wind-break to stay upright yet alone a parasol. Wanting some shade from the midday sun I looked wistfully at our parasol that lay unopened beside us. Flat on the sand and unopened was definitely the best place for it as I’d already witnessed several parasols, lifted by the wind, somersaulting like lethal weapons across the beach. There was no way I was erecting ours!

Considering the wind the sea was surprisingly calm and lapped gently on the shoreline. I love the sea so enticed by the calm waters decided to have a swim paddle and look for little fish and crabs in the rock-pools.

Restaurante do Sebastião, Praia da Ingrina
Restaurante do Sebastião, Praia da Ingrina

There is a lovely little restaurant at Praia da Ingrina called Restaurante do Sebastião which is situated right above the beach. It’s great if you don’t want to take a picnic as the reasonably priced meals, snacks and refreshments are available from 10.00 till 21.00 during season. Out of season they are still open, but you would need to confirm their opening hours.

View from Restaurante do Sebastião, Praia da Ingrina
View from Restaurante do Sebastião, Praia da Ingrina

Sheltering from the midday sun under the palm trees I enjoyed a beer on the terrace. I find it so relaxing (interesting) either looking out to sea or people-watching on the beach below – you certainly witness some amazing sights! Once there was a naked man, but because he was tattooed from head-to-toe he looked fully clothed from a distance. Only my camera’s zoom lens (I’m short-sighted) revealed the truth!

Kayaking at Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve - Portugal
Kayaking at Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve – Portugal

Although the beach is only a small there are an interesting range of activities including kayaking, paddle boarding and diving (sorry no banana or paddleboats). Interested in trying one of these activities in the future it took me some time to track down where to book the paddle boarding and kayaking. Yes, it’s great there are no kiosks or sales people pestering you on the beach, but not great if you would like more information. I eventually spoke to some Portuguese locals and sort of gleaned some information regarding the paddle boarding.
Apparently I booked at the “Good Feeling” hostel in Raposiera

The kayaking was easier because when they returned from their trip I pounced on one of their staff who went off to get me a leaflet.

Paddle boarding from Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve - Portugal
Paddle boarding from Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve – Portugal

Paddle boarding in the calm waters to see the caves. (They do actually stand on the boards I believe) I’d love to try this if I was more agile. My only fear would be if I fell off the board I would not be able to climb back on once we were in deeper water!

Useful Contact details

Restaurante do Sebasticão
Tel 282 639 034


Tel 00351 962 044 201

Paddle Boarding
Good Feeling Hostel-Guesthouse

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26 thoughts on “Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve – Portugal

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  1. Looks beautiful. I’ve done a bit of kayaking in very calm waters. It’s a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t do it on my own, as I can’t swim well. I haven’t seen paddle boarding before. 😆 @ your naked man. 😉


  2. i loved the portuguese beaches when we were there .. years ago.. though i had to laugh about you training your camera on a naked tatooed man!! however lovely shots.. made me wistful for the beach! c


  3. Ooh . . . lovely, PiP! What a perfect spot of shade to sip your beer (and spy on naked tattooed men). 😆

    Hope you enjoy your kayak and/or paddleboard excursion. Be brave . . . we only live once.


  4. This beach looks lovely and so does the restaurant with the tables under the shade of the trees. Didn´t think people would go naked on the beach, I thought there were specific beaches for nudism. Must have been funny though.


    1. Hey Sami,
      there are naked or topless people on most beaches here. Some are discreet some are not. A friend and I were walking on one beach along the shoreline and when we approached a naked man stood up and started doing his exercises right in front of us. We walked back along the beach again and returned and he did the same thing again when we approached.
      If it was not so sad it would have been laughable. Actually we did laugh out loud. I don’t mind nudists if they are descreet.


  5. Thanks for sharing this fun and relaxing vacation. It’s a nice way to end to top off the day. 🙂
    I got a chuckle out of the tattooed man. lol


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