10 Useful Facts About The Carob Tree (Árvore de Alfarrobeiras)

Or should this be "10 useful facts I did not know about the Carob tree"? Lacking inspiration for this week's Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge - theme: "Growth" , I stumbled across this picture of an old Carob tree (Árvore de alfarrobeiras).  I'd taken the picture on our first geo-cache expedition and according to the accompanying blurb about... Continue Reading →

Praia da Ingrina, Western Algarve – Portugal

Praia da Ingrina is a Blue Flag beach located in an idyllic and unspoilt country setting "far from the 'maddening' crowds". As I sat on the beach enjoying the tranquility and natural beauty I could even hear a cockerel crowing in the distance. That's a first, I've never heard a cockerel crowing from my vantage... Continue Reading →

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