Winter Surprises!

This weeks theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Winter”

The theme “Winter” conjured up so many different images in my mind’s eye that I pondered on my choice of photograph for several days. Should I post a picture depicting typical winter weather such as frost or snow, or should I remove all preconceived boundaries, “look outside the box”, so to speak, and think of something completely different?

Different in what way?

Finally, unable to decide which photo to use I cheated and selected two subjects; both winter related, but in different ways.

Bees are everywhere this winter!
Bees are everywhere this winter!

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen so many bees in January before; they are everywhere. Maybe the bees are more active this winter because the weather is warmer and drier. Maybe the farmers are not spraying their crops with pesticides at the moment – or maybe I’m now more “tuned” into nature and bee “activity”. Who knows? but they are buzzing around everywhere – maybe it’s spring and I’ve slept through winter!

Bees are attracted to this winter flowering succulent
Bees are attracted to this winter flowering succulent

Curiosity got the better of me so I searched the web “Where do bees go in winter?” for the answer…

My strawberry plants are still producing an abundance of enormous sweet strawberries in January. This is a first! Strawberries have never grown in my garden at this time of the year. This ripe strawberry is just one of many. They are not even undercover.

Guess what I had for dessert tonight?

Strawberries in Winter
Strawberries in Winter

53 thoughts on “Winter Surprises!

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  1. I don’t ever remember bees in January here! The strawberries look deeelicious! It’s always so interesting to see what life is like in January is far-away places!

    I enjoyed your approach to “Winter.” We all need to spend more time “looking outside the box”! 🙂


  2. Love the photos…the strawberry looks delicious. Having a mild winter Jan and not a snow drop yet….Since I am not one who likes the cold..its wonderful to see all of this sunshine.. !! 🙂


  3. I walked down my garden yesterday and my rosemary had one little flower opened on it, not bad for the UK, loved your picture, Given up on strawberries and other edible produce, the bugs beat me! From when I read your blog when you were starting in the garden till now – what wonders you have done.Mx


  4. Morning PIP…strawberries in winter?
    We get ours in summer.
    Every year,since we arrived in Cape Town,I have threatened to go strawberry picking and I never did….now it is too late!


  5. Great photos of winter! I live in the north of Portugal and also do a blog on things that I love here! Thank you.


  6. These are lovely winter photographs. The colours are great – so bright and crisp – as though the temperature is chilly even though the colours ate warm. Is / was it cold? Im amazed you have strawberries this early!


  7. Beautiful winter pictures!!

    I’ve lived in Southern Germany now for the past seven winters and this is the first time it’s been green outside and sometimes above zero degrees at this time of the year. Perhaps your bees are a sign of a change in the weather this year.

    Have you been having terrible storms too?


  8. Lovely pictures Pip and perfect choice for the week’s theme. It has surprisedd me that bees and strawberries can exist in Winter. Portugal is full of surprises.


  9. This is certainly an alternative take on winter. These pictures look like spring, or even summer to me, guess I should move to Portugal. Great pictures though 🙂


  10. Hello, I just started following the Blog, and I am confused. Great photos; where were the photos taken? In Portugul, I would like to know so I can target my travels. Andy Graham of


  11. I’m so glad you didn’t post snow or frost, PiP! That perfect strawberry started my salivary glands and they won’t quit! How attractive is that? I need a bib.

    I’m pleased that we reached a high of zero Fahenheit/ -17c, good enough for a dog walk. And now, dreams of bees and strawberries. Sigh… didn’t I say I liked Alaska?


    1. Hi Jan,
      Yes, the strawberries were/are delicious! There are so many in flower now I am already looking forward to a feast!

      I loved Alaska and the snow, but would not love the lack of sun and the continued cold. I would die in those temperatures!


  12. I love your winter outside the box. The bees are great. What a tasty looking strawberry. Yum! Talk about winter being enchanting and magical and delicious, your photos are awesome (and makes me so homesick for gardening season) Thanks for sharing your refreshing different view of winter in your warm and lovely part of the world. 🙂


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