Wildlife Species Legally Hunted in Portugal

Can the hunter see me?

Can the hunter see me?

Wildlife species hunted in Portugal
Kindly translated by Les

1. Rabbit
2. Hare
3. Fox
4. Mongoose
5. Pheasant
6. Red leg Partridge
7. Rock Pigeon
8. Magpie
9. Blackbird (Decision to allow the hunting of Blackbirds reversed)
10. Mallard
11. Gadwall Duck
12. Wood Cock
13. Widgeon
14.Yellow Billed Teal
15. White eyed Duck
16. Pintail Duck
17. Green Winged Teal
18. Northern Shovelar
19. Dabbling Duck
20. Tufted Duck
21. Moor Hen
22. Common Snipe
23. Jack Snipe
24. Bald Coot
25. Golden Plover
26. Dove
27. Wood Pigeon
28. Collard Dove
29. Missal Thrush
30. Fieldfare
31. Redwing
32. Song Thrush
33. Starling
34. Wild Boar
35. Fallow Deer
36. Red Deer
37. Roe Deer
38. Mountain Sheep

Further information (in Portuguese) is available in PDF format here

The hunting season in Portugal commences on 15th August and finishes end of February. However, this may be subject to change see the Autoridade Florestal Nacional website for more information.
Non-migratory species, depending on the AFN may be hunted all year. Please check website for details.

Related articles: Blackbirds In Portugal Are Once Again “Under Fire”
Update August 2011 – the decision to include Blackbirds in the list of species legally hunted has now been reversed.


16 responses to “Wildlife Species Legally Hunted in Portugal

  1. Do the Portuguese eat all these creatures….in other words, why do they hunt them?


    • Hi Thorny Rose,
      I am not actually sure. In the UK I had some sort of game which had been shot and it was full of lead and not very pleasant!
      To me there is a distinct difference between killing for fun and hunting to eat.


  2. Make sure you stay out of harm’s way, PiP!


  3. Apart from rabbit that I know the Portuguese love to eat (I never tried it), I can´t see why the others would be killed (apart from foxes, that can eat chickens if you keep them…).


  4. Magpies I get – murderers!


  5. That’s quite a list. Why are they hunted?


  6. Just hoping that they all end up on the table!


  7. A huge list ! I also hope they end up on someone’s dinner table !!! Beautiful photos !


  8. Why such an extensive list? Seems pointless to kill them really… what a pity! 😦


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